To reach a port, we must sail—sail, not tie at anchor—sail, not drift. –Franklin Roosevelt

Creating reality takes a little work. We write down our desires, speak to our subconscious, train our mind to imagine the desire manifested, and anticipate receipt of the object of our desire, all the while keeping our thoughts clear of negativity and doubt. Now what? If we want results from our desires, we need to take action.truckin

All the writing, speaking, training, and anticipating can do only so much. When we are in a state of creating, we have the potential to receive every wish imaginable, but ‘potential results’ are not yet manifestations in concrete reality. The next step is action.

Years ago, I was looking to get a companion animal—a dog. I was open to receiving the best dog for me, whatever that might be. I had no preconceived images of the right dog. Every time I was out jogging and saw someone with a dog, I’d stop and ask them about the breed. Dog owners love their dogs, of course, and everyone I spoke with raved about their pet. Hard to decide.

I visited the local pound, but never felt drawn to a particular dog. I watched pet programs on T.V., but never settled on any breed or mixed breed. I spoke to groomers and pet store owners, but still couldn’t decide on a specific type of dog. Nonetheless, I kept taking action. I even imagined actively jogging with my ghost dog. On I went, searching for my pet.

One afternoon, I was looking through dog books and saw a photo of a standard poodle. The dog’s face reminded me of my childhood dog. I immediately got a little butterfly in my stomach. That glimmer of interest was all my subconscious needed to ‘hear.’ Without realizing it, I had just implanted into my subconscious my desire for a poodle. I closed the book and completely forgot I’d even seen that photo until . . .

The next day, I was jogging along my usual route in my neighborhood and suddenly felt inclined to go down a street I hadn’t seen before. I followed my hunch and jogged for a couple blocks when I noticed, up ahead, 2 girls walking a full-grown, black standard poodle. After weeks of approaching strangers walking their dogs, I felt no hesitation in asking the girls about poodles. They were happy to talk to me about the benefits of this wonderful breed: they’re intelligent, agile, stronger than people think, and playful for life.

I was about to thank them and jog home, when one of the girls said, ‘I live right here and the mother of this dog just had another litter. Would you like to see the puppies?’

Ah, the hook!

I experienced a lovely miracle that day. My dog and I met and got to spend many memorable years in each other’s company. Was he the best dog for me? You bet!poodle

You might argue that finding a dog is easy. Anybody can manifest that. It’s not like trying to create a thousand dollars. Finding money is way harder. Not really. I didn’t want just any dog; I wanted the right dog for me at that moment in my life.

In order to attract the best manifestation of our desires, we need to get out of the way and trust that our higher selves will guide and direct us.

Listen for those subtle suggestions to take a different turn.

Yes, I could have gone out and brought home the first dog I saw, but that would have been my conscious mind taking control. I wanted my higher self, in league with my subconscious, to be in charge. That’s how the magic happens.

Define what you want and then take action to see it materialize in the external world. Listen to hunches and your intuition: those nudges will guide you to the realization of your desire.