Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible—Tony Robbins

When we set goals for ourselves and meet them, we change everything. We begin to see how our desires can be realized; we feel good about ourselves, and we watch our lives improve. Each day, decide what you want to accomplish.

NOTEPADWhen you wake up, make a list, either in your head or, even better write it down so you can look at it. Study the list for a few minutes and then go about your day. Most of us can accomplish these daily tasks, and we feel good after we’ve accomplished them.

Start now. Put a goal on your list that says something like, ‘Today I pamper myself with my favorite treat.’ You can replace ‘favorite treat’ with the actual treat. I would put on my list, ‘Today I am going to ignore all the caloric nonsense attached to a bowl of ice cream, and I’m going to eat a bowl of chocolaty ice cream.’ I feel good just thinking about it.

The next suggestion is really important: when you have your treat in front of you, enjoy every bit of it and never, not for one second, feel guilty. If you entertain even one atom of guilt, the whole thing loses its magic. This is our treat; we have a right to it; we earned it. This suggestion comes with a famous caveat: Everything in moderation; nothing in excess.

biscuits(While I was working on this post, I had begun imagining eating chocolate treats. My friend popped in and brought over a package of 10 chocolate biscuits—There are no coincidences—I felt no guilt. I knew about moderation, so I ate 5.)

After you’ve enjoyed your treat, retrace your steps.

  1. I must think of a treat;
  2. I desire that treat;
  3. I am now taking steps to acquire that treat;
  4. I am grateful, in advance, to the Universe for placing this treat in front of me;
  5. I am now seeing the treat in front of me;
  6. I am enjoying the treat.

Our mind is a wonderful servant waiting to work for us. What do we most desire in our life? Let’s write it down. Imagine it. Be specific. Picture it as complete. We thank the Universe in advance for fulfilling our desire because we believe it’s possible and it’s on its way. Why wouldn’t it be? The Universe wants what’s best for us, and will deliver it at the most perfect moment in our life. We give thanks for our realized desire arriving on time in the best possible manner.

Whatever our mind is trained to anticipate in the real world, it will bring into being.

The action of making a list for your favorite treat is no different from the action of desiring a state of mind for a day, or a wealth of abundance for a lifetime. We can desire a better job, or a healthy body, or a new friend. The Universe perceives these desires as exactly the same.

We think one desire might be more difficult than another, but just because we think that way doesn’t make it true. In truth, desires don’t come with built-in scales of difficulty. We build those fake levels in our doubts, which is why we set up barriers to their creation, either through our guilt or our disbelief. Some goals may take a little longer to create, but so what? We can wait. Patience is good for us. It’s all the sweeter when it arrives, and we learn to appreciate our riches.

We need to have faith in ourselves. We send out the command; we’re grateful in advance; the Universe manifests our desires; we enjoy every spoonful. Plain and simple. Good on us.