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The goal of life is living in agreement with nature—Zeno

roadWhen you imagine your goal, believe that it’s already taking the path toward realization. In fact, it’s pretty much a done deal by the time you release the thought. Your job is to believe.

We don’t know why things work this way but, for the moment, let’s accept that they do.  We see it in our mind first and then after an hour or a week or longer, poof, the goal arrives in the physical world. The time frame may differ with each goal, but that’s okay—it’s your time frame. You’re in charge. Take steps confidently toward the goal, trusting that the time frame is perfect for you. Our job is to help its completion by putting in the necessary effort and by watching and listening for guiding sign posts that come to us as hunches or inspiration. We don’t need to worry about how all these wonders will occur.

Obviously, if your goal is to receive a diploma after taking a computer programming course, you need to show up and take the classes. No school will give you a diploma for simply willing it to happen. Your goal’s story needs action to propel it to the end: learn the lessons, do the homework, take the tests, and earn your diploma.

Some goals, however, take less effort than others. I was having trouble finding a cracker that was low in sodium, but even the ones with 30% or 40% less salt were still too salty for my taste. I didn’t do much about it, but I had been mentioning it to my friends, and had scanned the cracker counters for a suitable product, but never found anything I liked. A couple days later I was at a friend’s place for dinner, and her daughter brought out some pieces of long, flat cracker that were stale. I ate them quietly, but my friend noticed the ‘crackers’ were old. She apologized and said she would buy me some fresh ones, so I could taste what they’re really like. I told her that wasn’t necessary, but she was already half-way to the store.

I’m so glad she brought me a box of these flat ‘crackers’ because they had no salt at all! I tasted them and liked them. Finally, a sodium free cracker. I looked at the box and they were Matzo crackers. I had been at her house during the Jewish holiday of Passover, and the Matzo or flat, unleavened bread is its symbol. (There are no coincidences!)

In a hundred years, I would never have been able to map out the exact journey from my desiring a less salty cracker to participating in the ritual of Seder to my friend bringing me the cracker of my dreams. My cruder and less imaginative method was to plod through the grocery stores and complain to my friends. Neither of these tactics was wrong; at least I was taking steps toward my goal; they were just less inspired than the magic the Universe can perform on our behalf. We only need to picture the manifested goal and then move toward it by believing it’s on its way. The steps we take will come from hunches and inspiration. We don’t need to plan out how it’s going to arrive.

 If we persist in attempting the magic ourselves, we actually impede the flow of the Universe and its miraculous ways.

Next time, I’ll just imagine the perfect crackers and then let the image go. The Universe is way better than I at mapping out the crackers’ pathway to my house.

How do our goals arrive completed? They come via our belief that they’re already here. Shalom. bird


If one advances confidently, in the direction of his own dreams and endeavors to lead the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

–Henry David Thoreau

We all want to have a say in the direction of our lives. In order to accomplish small and big things, we need do very little. No more moving mountains or metaphorically twisting ourselves into impossible shapes. The Universe makes it easy for us: all we have to do is control our thoughts. We need to learn how to guide our minds.

Start with a small image. Think of something you desire. Imagine it in your hand. Go online and print out a photo of the object, or cut out a picture of it from a magazine. Post this photo in front of you and stare at it first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

This will only work if you truly desire it. Your mind will recognize if you’re playing a game, so be sincere in your desire for this particular object.

Imagine the manifestation of this object from a thought to a physical thing. See it as a complete and finished thing. Never worry about how it’s going to find you. The Universe will magically move everyone and everything to help you receive the object. Let the Universe move the mountains. You just keep imagining and believing that the object is on its way.

Imagine your life with this object in it; feel the excitement of acquiring this object. Celebrate its arrival in advance. Believe it’s on its way. Then get on with your day. Forget about it. Let go of that strong grip on your desire. Have faith that the Universe is taking care of its ‘manufacture.’ You will soon meet with ‘a success unexpected.’

My friend and I were going on a long day hike, and I needed to choose an appropriate backpack. I had a couple different types, but nothing seemed right. I put the thought out to the Universe: I asked for the perfect backpack for our hike. Then I got on with my day. I forgot about itImage

The next day, my car dealership phoned to remind me that my car needed its bi-annual service check. I made an appointment for the next afternoon. When I went to pick up my car around 4 o’clock, the mechanic told me the service package I had chosen came with a gift. How exciting. ‘What was the gift?’ I asked. Can you guess? That’s right: a backpack. And not just any backpack, but one that would be the perfect size and shape for our day hike. Amazing? Not at all. This is normal miracle madness. So go crazy. Have fun. Create your own reality. Start small and be confident. The Universe hears you and knows exactly what it’s doing.

You deeply desire an object. Your desire is proof that the manifestation is already being prepared for you. Divine Intelligence is waiting for you to see it and accept it into your life.

Our thoughts create our reality. Nothing exists until we think it. We can transform our lives and regenerate our energy when we choose to be active participants in the daily process of thinking. So simple.

We are here right now because of who we are inside. We attract success through the simple act of thinking. What we send out in our thoughts, whether words or mental images, we attract into our lives. My life and yours is here right now in this particular way because this is how we see ourselves. Look around. What you see is a reflection of  what you think you’re capable of having in your life. Not happy with what you see? Change your thoughts and you’ll change your life. We can actually create miracles through the simple process of thinking.

Years ago, I had just moved into a new office with a co-worker. I was planning on attending a yoga class the following week and had imagined I’d need a mat. I pictured a blue one. While my co-worker and I were together in the office, I called my friend:  ‘Let’s go shopping tomorrow after work so I can pick up a mat for my yoga class.”

When I hung up the phone, my co-worker pointed to a spot behind a filing cabinet in our office. He never said a word; he just pointed. Curious to see what was by the cabinet, I got up and looked. ‘I don’t see anything.’He kept typing at his computer and said, ‘Behind the cabinet.’

I peered around and squinted and saw a blue yoga mat jammed behind the filing cabinet. I pulled it out. ‘How’d this get here?’  He kept typing and said, ‘The guy who used to have this office did yoga during lunch. I guess he forgot it.’ Within a couple minutes of thinking about it, the universe materialized a yoga mat–in the exact color I preferred–only a few feet  from where I was sitting. Amazing!

Do you have a story of Miracle Madness to share? I’d love to hear it.