‘A person’s life is dyed with the color of his (or her) imagination.’—Marcus Aurelius Antonius

Why consider life to be a battle when another point of view, equally valid, suggests life can be magical. With the aid of understanding, we see that nature has been built on a foundation of simplicity. Remember one of the basic rules: what you sow, you shall reap.

What you send out through thoughts or actions will return to you. A simple rule. One that makes perfect sense. If you think kindly towards people or act with love in your heart, you will receive kindness and love, maybe even from total strangers. If you criticize someone or gossip about them, you too will be criticized and gossiped about. That seems fair. If you give it out, you need to be prepared to take it. We would all prefer to receive the good rather than the bad, so why not control the situation simply by thinking and acting with love in our hearts.

Keep an eye on what goes on in your ‘heart’ because what emanates from it creates the circumstances in your life. What you imagine and focus on will soon become an external reality.

I knew a woman who was so afraid she was going to be robbed she couldn’t stop thinking about it. She had expensive alarm systems installed in her home and garage; she had a tall fence built around her property; she bought a German Shepherd and had it trained as an attack dog. Her home had become a fortress furnished in fear. You can imagine what happened.

One day, she left the safety of her house and grounds to see a friend across town. On the way to the friend’s she stopped at a shopping mall to buy a gift of flowers. As she was returning to her car, a thief came up behind her and grabbed her purse. She shouted for help, but no one was nearby, and the thief escaped without ever being caught. Her alarm system, her fence, and her dog may have been protecting her at home, but her thoughts and fear had guaranteed that, sooner or later, inside or out, she was going to come face to face with the nemesis in her battle—a thief—and be quickly and shockingly robbed.

How much simpler and less expensive it might have been if she had expelled thebo fear from her mind and trained her imagination to see only good circumstances chasing after her.


If one advances confidently, in the direction of his own dreams and endeavors to lead the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

–Henry David Thoreau

We all want to have a say in the direction of our lives. In order to accomplish small and big things, we need do very little. No more moving mountains or metaphorically twisting ourselves into impossible shapes. The Universe makes it easy for us: all we have to do is control our thoughts. We need to learn how to guide our minds.

Start with a small image. Think of something you desire. Imagine it in your hand. Go online and print out a photo of the object, or cut out a picture of it from a magazine. Post this photo in front of you and stare at it first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

This will only work if you truly desire it. Your mind will recognize if you’re playing a game, so be sincere in your desire for this particular object.

Imagine the manifestation of this object from a thought to a physical thing. See it as a complete and finished thing. Never worry about how it’s going to find you. The Universe will magically move everyone and everything to help you receive the object. Let the Universe move the mountains. You just keep imagining and believing that the object is on its way.

Imagine your life with this object in it; feel the excitement of acquiring this object. Celebrate its arrival in advance. Believe it’s on its way. Then get on with your day. Forget about it. Let go of that strong grip on your desire. Have faith that the Universe is taking care of its ‘manufacture.’ You will soon meet with ‘a success unexpected.’

My friend and I were going on a long day hike, and I needed to choose an appropriate backpack. I had a couple different types, but nothing seemed right. I put the thought out to the Universe: I asked for the perfect backpack for our hike. Then I got on with my day. I forgot about itImage

The next day, my car dealership phoned to remind me that my car needed its bi-annual service check. I made an appointment for the next afternoon. When I went to pick up my car around 4 o’clock, the mechanic told me the service package I had chosen came with a gift. How exciting. ‘What was the gift?’ I asked. Can you guess? That’s right: a backpack. And not just any backpack, but one that would be the perfect size and shape for our day hike. Amazing? Not at all. This is normal miracle madness. So go crazy. Have fun. Create your own reality. Start small and be confident. The Universe hears you and knows exactly what it’s doing.

You deeply desire an object. Your desire is proof that the manifestation is already being prepared for you. Divine Intelligence is waiting for you to see it and accept it into your life.

Our thoughts create our reality. Nothing exists until we think it. We can transform our lives and regenerate our energy when we choose to be active participants in the daily process of thinking. So simple.

We are here right now because of who we are inside. We attract success through the simple act of thinking. What we send out in our thoughts, whether words or mental images, we attract into our lives. My life and yours is here right now in this particular way because this is how we see ourselves. Look around. What you see is a reflection of  what you think you’re capable of having in your life. Not happy with what you see? Change your thoughts and you’ll change your life. We can actually create miracles through the simple process of thinking.

Years ago, I had just moved into a new office with a co-worker. I was planning on attending a yoga class the following week and had imagined I’d need a mat. I pictured a blue one. While my co-worker and I were together in the office, I called my friend:  ‘Let’s go shopping tomorrow after work so I can pick up a mat for my yoga class.”

When I hung up the phone, my co-worker pointed to a spot behind a filing cabinet in our office. He never said a word; he just pointed. Curious to see what was by the cabinet, I got up and looked. ‘I don’t see anything.’He kept typing at his computer and said, ‘Behind the cabinet.’

I peered around and squinted and saw a blue yoga mat jammed behind the filing cabinet. I pulled it out. ‘How’d this get here?’  He kept typing and said, ‘The guy who used to have this office did yoga during lunch. I guess he forgot it.’ Within a couple minutes of thinking about it, the universe materialized a yoga mat–in the exact color I preferred–only a few feet  from where I was sitting. Amazing!

Do you have a story of Miracle Madness to share? I’d love to hear it.