‘A person’s life is dyed with the color of his (or her) imagination.’—Marcus Aurelius Antonius

Why consider life to be a battle when another point of view, equally valid, suggests life can be magical. With the aid of understanding, we see that nature has been built on a foundation of simplicity. Remember one of the basic rules: what you sow, you shall reap.

What you send out through thoughts or actions will return to you. A simple rule. One that makes perfect sense. If you think kindly towards people or act with love in your heart, you will receive kindness and love, maybe even from total strangers. If you criticize someone or gossip about them, you too will be criticized and gossiped about. That seems fair. If you give it out, you need to be prepared to take it. We would all prefer to receive the good rather than the bad, so why not control the situation simply by thinking and acting with love in our hearts.

Keep an eye on what goes on in your ‘heart’ because what emanates from it creates the circumstances in your life. What you imagine and focus on will soon become an external reality.

I knew a woman who was so afraid she was going to be robbed she couldn’t stop thinking about it. She had expensive alarm systems installed in her home and garage; she had a tall fence built around her property; she bought a German Shepherd and had it trained as an attack dog. Her home had become a fortress furnished in fear. You can imagine what happened.

One day, she left the safety of her house and grounds to see a friend across town. On the way to the friend’s she stopped at a shopping mall to buy a gift of flowers. As she was returning to her car, a thief came up behind her and grabbed her purse. She shouted for help, but no one was nearby, and the thief escaped without ever being caught. Her alarm system, her fence, and her dog may have been protecting her at home, but her thoughts and fear had guaranteed that, sooner or later, inside or out, she was going to come face to face with the nemesis in her battle—a thief—and be quickly and shockingly robbed.

How much simpler and less expensive it might have been if she had expelled thebo fear from her mind and trained her imagination to see only good circumstances chasing after her.