You deeply desire an object. Your desire is proof that the manifestation is already being prepared for you. Divine Intelligence is waiting for you to see it and accept it into your life.

Our thoughts create our reality. Nothing exists until we think it. We can transform our lives and regenerate our energy when we choose to be active participants in the daily process of thinking. So simple.

We are here right now because of who we are inside. We attract success through the simple act of thinking. What we send out in our thoughts, whether words or mental images, we attract into our lives. My life and yours is here right now in this particular way because this is how we see ourselves. Look around. What you see is a reflection of  what you think you’re capable of having in your life. Not happy with what you see? Change your thoughts and you’ll change your life. We can actually create miracles through the simple process of thinking.

Years ago, I had just moved into a new office with a co-worker. I was planning on attending a yoga class the following week and had imagined I’d need a mat. I pictured a blue one. While my co-worker and I were together in the office, I called my friend:  ‘Let’s go shopping tomorrow after work so I can pick up a mat for my yoga class.”

When I hung up the phone, my co-worker pointed to a spot behind a filing cabinet in our office. He never said a word; he just pointed. Curious to see what was by the cabinet, I got up and looked. ‘I don’t see anything.’He kept typing at his computer and said, ‘Behind the cabinet.’

I peered around and squinted and saw a blue yoga mat jammed behind the filing cabinet. I pulled it out. ‘How’d this get here?’  He kept typing and said, ‘The guy who used to have this office did yoga during lunch. I guess he forgot it.’ Within a couple minutes of thinking about it, the universe materialized a yoga mat–in the exact color I preferred–only a few feet  from where I was sitting. Amazing!

Do you have a story of Miracle Madness to share? I’d love to hear it.